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Fluid Audio FX50

2-obsežni aktivni studijski monitori | Kod proizvoda: FX50 | ID: 353387

Fluid Audio FX50

Fluid Audio FX50

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Aktivni studijski monitor iz serije Fluid Audio FX.

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Coaxial driver

Mounted in the center of the woofer is a 25mm silk dome tweeter in a coaxial configuration. Using this technology (unique in its price range) makes it a "point source" device, meaning that all the sound emanates from a single point. This is crucial for improving off-axis response, but also allows for a more compact footprint cabinet.

Boundary compensation DIP switches

Sometimes the spaces where we mix aren't the most forgiving acoustically (especially if you're in a home studio). The FX series monitors come equipped with boundary control EQ switches, that allow you to compensate for spaces that may not have been "tuned" or just need to be adjusted due to their proximity to the wall behind them.

Class D and DSP powered

Another update from the Fader Series is Class-D amplification. More clean, reliable power, more headroom, and also a standalone powerful DSP integration. The digitally controlled crossover makes each speaker more consistent. The new FX series is truly a 21st Century reference monitor at home in any recording studio.

LED indicator on front baffle

The illuminated LED on the front panel is not only a status indicator, displaying whether the FX monitor is on, off or in standby, but also acts as an alignment beacon which allows you to properly align your speakers to your ear level.

Front-loaded slot port design

The bass-reflex slot port tunes the cabinet to maximize the bass output efficiency of the speaker. It is placed on the front panel not only to directly radiate the bass energy towards the listener, but also for flexibility of placement in your studio.

Updated Tweeter Grille protection

The FX coax design, with the tweeter suspended in the middle of the woofer, is very robust. As such, it provides outstanding protection for the woofer itself. However, the tweeter needs protection as well, this is why we added a small, steel perforated grille to protect the delicate silk diaphragm of the tweeter.

  • Frequency response: 49Hz – 22KHz (+/- 3db)
  • Crossover frequency: 2.9KHz
  • Low-frequency amplifier power: 50 W
  • High-frequency amplifier power: 40 W
  • Signal-to-noise: 89dB (typical A-weighted)
  • Input impedance: 20 k ohms balanced, 10 k ohms unbalanced
  • Power: 100V - 240V~50/60 Hz
  • Cabinet: Vinyl-laminated MDF
  • Dimensions: 234 x 176 x 230 mm
  • Weight: 3.8 kg
  • Colour: Black

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3,8 kg

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